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MEMORY Ⅰ - SHIMBOL Recording Monitor

Giá Bán: 7.000.000 đ

MEMORY Ⅰ - SHIMBOL Recording Monitor

SHIMBOL Recording Monitor MemoryⅠ

Screen Size: 5.5"TP

Screen Resolution: 1920*1080

Brightness: 2000cd/m²

Power Consumption: <9W

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Recording Monitor MemoryⅠ

5.5 Inch Real-Time Recording Monitor  / 5.5" IPS Touch Screen  / 2000 Nits Ultra-High Brightness



Innovative Real-Time Recording And Playback Function

Equipped with real-time recording function,no need to record manually,

live frames and video data are synchronised with the original recording

when recorded to an SD card for playback.




Support Up to 4K UHD Resolution

HDMI support higher resolution up to 4K UHD,with four times the number of pixels than standard HD,

providing a more accurate, detailed and clearer visual experience.




Custom 3D-LUT Import

Custom LUT import, up to 50 files can be loaded and stored.

Many editors and renderers can be used to import 3D-LUTs for easier colour adjustment.



5.5" Touch Screen

Abandon the method of selecting the menu by pressing the button

and use the touch screen to quickly locate the function position you want,

making monitoring more convenient.




2000 Nits High Brightness

With 2000 nits of brightness, you can monitor outdoor shots without fear of glare,

and the images are clearly visible.




Aviation Aluminum Body

The fuselage is made of aviation aluminum, which is strong, light weight and durable,

adopting CNC process, meticulously crafted and finished in one go.




RGB Gain and Offset

RGB gain and offset is an image processing technique that changes the color and brightness of an image.

These two techniques can make the image brighter and also change the color tone of the image.




Ratio Marker

Ratio Marker is a function used to change the field of vision to meet your pursuit of professionalism.




False Color

12 levels of false color, restore false color and allowing a variety of ways to view the exposure,

false color is a special color, a visual sense of blur and mixture.

It is characterized by the ability to visually produce complex patterns that can be used to highlight a specific image,

thereby enhancing the beauty of the image.




High Precision Waveform

When you need to analyze the image quality more accurately instead of simply watching the picture,

you can use the built-in waveform monitoring function of this unit.

Memory l is ideal for monitoring live productions, eliminating the need for a separate, expensive oscilloscope.




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