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SHIMBOL M5 5.5" Professionalon-camera monitor

Giá Bán: 4.500.000 đ

M5-SHIMBOL 5.5" Professionalon-camera monitor

SHIMBOL M5 5.5" Professionalon-camera monitor

Screen Size: 5.5″

Screen Resolution: 1920*1080

Brightness: 1200nits

Power Consumption: < 6.5w

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5.5" Professionalon-camera monitor

4K 30  /  HDR  /  1200Nit  /  3D LUT




Aviation aluminum design slim and lightweight

All-aluminum body with integrated cutting process,not only lightweight but also incredibly durable,

With power consumption as low as 3.5W and afanless design, it operates quietly.




Experience ultimate filming style with custom 3D LUTs

Built-in 8 original De-log LUTS ,Support loadingup to 99 custom LUTs for endless creative possibilities



1200nits brightness touchscreen,

ensuring clear visibility even under sunlight

5.5-inch Full HD IPS touchscreen with 1000:1 contrast ratio,

1200nits of brightness for clear monitoring of every detail even under sunlight,

Supports up to 4K30 HDR monitoring with built-in HLG mode



Professional color calibration for accurate color reproduction

100% REC 709  /  Delta-E 0.6



Professional monitoring tools make a convenient shooting experience

Built-in custom RGB, Filter, False color, Anamorphic ratio, Mask,

and other functions,Broadcasting precision waveform monitoring

for easy access to all video and audio signal information


New Ul design, easy and smooth operation

Iconization for easy touch and quick access to desired functions.

Bring a smooth experience to the photographer during the shooting.


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